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Data Security Management

Data is a collective term used for different things stored on a computer and things which needs to be processed or processed is called data. Data is in many forms for example there is data in computer readable form which is known as binary language. The computer understands only binary language which is the language of 0s and 1s and the data which is shown as output by the computer is in human readable form. Computer contains program that translates input in binary code which is then executed by the computer for producing the result as an output. Computer is and intelligent machine, which requires a user to give instruction and data to process. Data processed is in human readable form. Computer cannot produce data or instruction on its own it requires task from a user. Only when a virus enters a computer or the computer is hacked then only the computer performs unnecessary tasks and produce data on the base of the virus. Then the hacker controls your computer and steal all your data this where data security management comes in, data security should be on its full potential in your computer otherwise hacking data would be easy for the hackers and the computer would be prone to viruses. 

The computer not all the time need antivirus software but it is also necessary for it because while downloading from any site the downloaded file could contain any spyware or a virus so in that case antivirus software is required to scan any thing downloaded form the internet to be secure. It also makes sure that a virus is not multiplying itself in the computer. Antivirus software can also be downloaded but the main thing is the user, the main cause of virus in a computer is because of its user because the user is the one who visit unsecured websites and then it steals all his personal information and spread viruses in the computer. Data Security management is very important for a computer system. Data Security is in the user’s hand it depends on him how he deals with data security. There are many ways to secure your data one of the best ways is to download antivirus software. The other best way is to be careful yourself avoid visiting unsecured sites. Also use of VPN can also reduce the risk of spyware but be sure to choose the right VPN. 

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